Microsoft Dynamics SL data can consist of a myriad of batch numbers that are user or sometimes system created. The origin of the batches can be from any of the multiplicity of modules and screens that are operational in the system. During data inquiries, a user may be faced with a challenge relating to the need to identify the origin of a specific batch or batches, for instance like in the case of ensuring that no open batches still exist at that point of period closing. Not knowing the original screen of an identified open batch can be time consuming as the user tries one screen after the other to identify the batch source. This article provides you the steps below to follow to resolve this inconveniencing experience...

In this article we shall be looking at identifying the source screen of a batch that was created using the 'Voucher Entry - Distributed Liability' screen. The assumption is that the user has the batch number but uncertain about its origin.

Batch Query:

First use the Quick Query feature function to easily find more information about the batch number by using the provided criteria filters. This is done by clicking on the focus area for Quick Query while on the System Menu. The module options will be displayed above that section, find and select 'Financial'. Then on the right-side pane under General Ledger find and click on 'Batches' to open the batch query.

When the screen has opened, right-click on the header of any of the columns and select 'Choose Columns'. On the window that pops up, look through the column list and find 'Edit Screen Number'. Select it and click on the 'Add' button to move it to the selected columns on the right-side pane as shown in the image below; (It helps to use the 'Move Up' button to move the added column up in the column hierarchy so that you can easily view the result-value of that column after you've created your query, especially in cases where the query screen has many columns).

Click OK to close the 'Choose Columns' window. Add the query filters for the batch and enter the filter values that will enable you to identify the batch you're querying. When the query result is returned in the grid, take note of the value in the 'Edit Screen Number' as shown in the image below. That value actually represents the screen in which the batch was created.

Menu Screen Search:

Return to the System Menu. Depending on the batch module that was indicated in the query result, for instance in this scenario, it's AP (Account Payable) as shown in the above screen. Since we know that AP is found under the 'Financial' focus area, you should click on Financial and then above that section select 'Accounts Payable'.

On the upper-right-corner of the System Menu, there's a field with a faint word search in italics. Type the screen number (you noted in the earlier) in that field. The system will search the menu and return for you the link to that screen number as shown in the image below;

Double click the link to open the screen and enter the batch number to confirm the identity and source of the batch as shown in the image below;